Who We Are - Together We Are A Team
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     I am a Master Nutrition Therapist. As a MNT I work with individuals by supporting the body’s natural healing processes using fresh whole foods and positive lifestyle changes. I assess each person’s health history, stress levels, daily eating habits, activity levels, and goals my client would like to achieve. This information helps me to create an inividualized nutritional program enabling a more clear path toward optimal health and vitality of life for my clients. 

What You Can Expect

  • I recommend 3-4 consultations over the course of 2 months. 

1st - Client Intake Consult Introduction, Intake forms filled out, health concerns discussed, and receive a 7 day food journal (client homework) to document typical eating patterns, food choices, and personal observations for one week.

2nd - Overview of Client Food Journal Initial thoughts and notes will be made and discussed.

3rd - Full Nutritional Analysis Provided along with detailed recommendations on possible nutrient defficiencies, nutrient replacement foods and supplement list, menu sample plan and recipies, better food alternative choices and lifestyle changes, and further follow-up reccomendations - (This may involve recommended blood work or possible assistance from other specialized health care providers if needed in special cases)

4th - An additional follow-up may be recommended depending on healing progress and recognized need in each individual client at this point.

3 - 5 Month Follow-up Consults are recommended for continued long-term healing and nutritional support.

* please email me directly through the website'Contact' page with your health question/concerns or for prices $ on services


     Krista grew up learning about whole foods and basic nutritional cooking in her mother’s kitchen. This foundational interest and having experience with personal health issues, illness, and self-healing research created a passion to serve others in this holistic health care approach to healing, disease prevention and health maintenance.

     Krista graduated from Nutrition Therapy Institute of Denver, CO where her skills were developed into a highly scientific based practice establishing a foundational understanding of the human body and how natural whole foods prove to be the body's most incredible support for it's natural healing processes.

     Today, as a Master Nutrition Therapist, Krista is applying her hard work and nutritional studies to the betterment of her family, friends, and those who come in contact with her!

Mission Statement

    “Success to me involves love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. These are the fruits of the presence of Christ’s Spirit within me. They will shine in my home life, relationships, in my nutrition therapy business and into the lives of my clients.  In all that my hand finds to do I will aspire to put forth my God given gifts and acquired skills in making a positive difference in the lives’ of others.”